If you are in Buenos Aires and need support, I hope to be of help. 

I’m an Argentine-American psychologist helping individuals and couples through therapy and counseling.

I can be of help in finding relief for distressing symptoms, including those of depression, anxiety, grief, trauma, emotional conflict, substance use, and other experiences affecting wellbeing and functioning. I am experienced in treating complex conditions, and in helping expats and travelers care for their needs as they navigate distress and challenges away from home.

I also offer support to clients facing challenges, and wanting to increase wellbeing, promote personal growth, change habits, and develop skills needed to accomplish specific goals. We can work on short-term or long-term goals. In all cases, we define priorities, needs, resources and decide on a plan together.

Therapy and counseling work together in offering you emotional as well as practical support. I commit to creating a space where you feel safe, cared, encouraged, and empowered. I love helping people and working with you will be an honor.  

My clinical approach is based on Integrative Psychotherapy, a modern scientific approach to helping that integrates best practices from various counseling and therapeutic models, including Psychoanalysis, CBT, Humanistic, Interpersonal, and Systems approaches. I am good at identifying strengths in people and make it a priority to help clients realize them. I practice mindfulness in my personal life, and bring such knowledge to work in sessions whenever helpful.

For the past seventeen years, I’ve been fortunate to work with inspiring colleagues and clients in hospital, research, and education settings: at NY-Presbyterian Hospital in NYC, the Research Foundation for Mental Hygiene in NY, the Morrison Center in Portland -Oregon, and at Alberdi House and private practice in Buenos Aires.

My office is supportive of all diversity: ethnic, sexual, religious, life style. I hope to create a space where we can talk about anything. Communication is private and confidential.

I’m sure there is more to say, but I hope this is enough for a start. Please let me know if you have any questions or want to connect. I don’t charge for initial consultations. We can meet in my office or speak on the phone.

I look forward to being of support. 



Alejandro Pawliszyn, Lic. Psychologist


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