If you are in Buenos Aires and need support, I can be of help.

I’m an Argentine-American psychologist serving English speakers living in Buenos Aires. I help people care for their needs through therapy and counseling.

I offer therapy treatment for depression, anxiety, grief, trauma, emotional distress, and other conditions needing clinical attention. I work closely with a network of trusted colleagues, including English-speaking psychiatrist if necessary. 

Some people come to see me, not because of symptoms, but because of specific challenges and the wish to succeed and thrive. Life away from ‘home’ can offer unique opportunities for growth. It can also pose unique challenges. Together, we will work to help you understand your needs and develop the strengths and resources that will help you reach your goals and the change you want. I’m excited to see how clients succeed, again and again, in turning challenges into opportunities for rich personal growth.

If you need help changing difficult emotional experiences, habits, or ways of being, we will work to help you build resources and skills needed to reach the change you want. .  

Therapy and counseling work best when you feel safe, cared, supported, encouraged, and empowered. I commit to creating conditions for you to feel genuinely supported. I love my job, and working will be an honor, even if you think the stuff you have to deal with is boring or just not nice. Because this process is about you becoming who you want to be, I am strongly committed to honoring your values and preferences -in other words, your uniqueness.

My office is supportive of all diversity and all communication is private and confidential. *note: such privacy and confidentiality has a limit and that is when a person’s life is at risk (yours or some else’s) or when there is abuse involved towards a minor, elderly, disabled person, or a court orders me. 

A bit about my work experience
For the past seventeen years, I’ve been fortunate to work with inspiring colleagues and clients in the US and here in Argentina: at NY-Presbyterian Hospital in NYC, the Research Foundation – New-York State Department of Mental Health also in NYC, the Morrison Center in Portland -Oregon and in my office in Buenos Aires. See the Resume section for more information.

I’m sure there is more to say, but I hope this is enough for a start. Please email or call me any time. I’ll be glad to speak on the phone or meet for an initial no-cost consultation.

Look forward to being of support.



Alejandro Pawliszyn, Lic. Psychologist

License # 54013