If you are in Buenos Aires and need psychological support, I can be of help.

I’m an Argentine-American psychologist helping English speakers in Buenos Aires. I offer culturally-sensitive therapy for mental health as well as counseling support for adjustment, growth, and wellbeing. 

can be of assistance in the treatment of mental health symptoms, including those of depression, anxiety, grief, trauma, phobias, dysfunctions, and other conditions causing distress and impairment. 

Some people seek support, not because of symptoms, but because of specific challenges or ongoing issue affecting them. Life abroad can pose unique challenges. It can also offer unique opportunities for rich personal change. Whichever the reasons, our work will aim to help you understand your needs and build skills and resources to reach the change you want. I’m excited to see how clients succeed, again and again, in turning challenges into opportunities for betterment.

I practice Integrative Psychotherapy, an approach that combines proven psychological techniques and understandings from Cognitive-behavioral Therapy, Humanistic Psychology, Narrative Theory, Psychoanalysis, and Interpersonal and Systemic paradigms. As a bicultural person myself, and having worked in multicultural contexts for years, I rely on extensive personal and professional experience supporting clients navigate life abroad.

Since 2002, I’ve been fortunate to work with inspiring colleagues and clients in hospital, research, and education settings: at NY-Presbyterian Hospital, the Research Foundation for Mental Hygiene, and CCHE-Columbia University in New York City, NY; the Morrison Center in Portland, OR.;and in private practice here in Buenos Aires. Please see the Resume section for more information.

Therapy works when we feel safe, supported, enriched and empowered. In this context, I commit to offering you intelligent and supportive care, so you can grow in the direction of your values and preferences.

I am an ally to all diversity: cultural, ethnic, sexual, religious, and lifestyle.  Communication is private and confidential. 

Please contact me with questions or to set up an initial consultation in person or by phone.

I look forward to speaking with you.




Alejandro Pawliszyn, Licensed Psychologist 


Tel. (+549) 11-4414-6364 

Vidt 1660, Palermo, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires (map)


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