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Individual Therapy – Couples Counseling


Hello, if you are looking for psychological support while in Argentina, I can be of help. I’m an argentine-american psychologist helping individuals and couples in Buenos Aires and throughout Argentina via Telehealth sessions.  I provide psychotherapy treatment for mental health as well as counseling support for adjustment and personal growth. 

I am experienced treating depression, anxiety, grief, trauma, phobias, and other clinical conditions causing distress and impairment. My therapeutic approach is integrative and collaborative. We assess your needs and priorities, and work to help you reduce distress, increase wellbeing, and progressively build skills and resources to reach the change you want. 

Some people, individuals and couples, seek support, not because of symptoms, but because of specific challenges or the wish to grow. Life abroad can pose unique challenges. It can also offer unique opportunities for rich personal transformations. Whichever the reasons, our work will aim to help you understand your needs and build skills and resources to reach the change you want. I’m excited to see how clients succeed, again and again, in turning challenges into opportunities for betterment.

My work with couples, many of them bi-cultural, involves helping partners understand their communication and relationship patterns. We work to bring new perspectives to understanding feelings, thoughts, and collaboration. I help partners look within and to each other and try new ways of relating and teaming. We may plan for 90-minute sessions, as well as more intensive, two to three-hour modules. We can discuss all this and decide a plan together. I am flexible and, together, we will decide an approach that works for you.

I practice Integrative Psychotherapy, a well established science-based approach based on a framework of understanding that includes tools and resources from cognitive sciences, developmental theory, humanistic values, narrative and constructivist psychology, conscious and unconscious psychodynamics, and a deep commitment to attend to interpersonal, systemic, historical, political, and environmental factors. I rely on almost two decades of experience helping individuals, couples, and families. As an expat myself, and having worked in multicultural contexts for years, I rely also on significant personal and professional experience in supporting clients navigating life abroad.

I’ve been fortunate to work with inspiring colleagues and clients in hospital, research, and education settings: at NY-Presbyterian Hospital in NYC, the Research Foundation also in NY, the CCHE-Columbia University, and the Morrison Center in Portland, OR. I see clients now and in private practice here in Buenos Aires and throughout Argentina via Telehealth sessions. Please see the Resume section for more information.

Psychological care works best when we feel safe, understood, and empowered. In this context, I commit to offering you intelligent and supportive care, so you can grow in the direction of your values and preferences. I am an ally to all diversity: cultural, ethnic, sexual, religious, and lifestyle.  I follow US standards of privacy and confidentiality. In this context, our want our space to be a place where we can talk about anything and everything that is important to you.

Please let me know if you have questions or want to connect.
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Alejandro Pawliszyn, Lic. Psychologist