Introduction – Therapy in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires Therapist in English. Mental Health care for expats and English-speakers.

Life Challenges & Intentional Change


Some people, individuals and couples, seek support, not because of symptoms or illness, but because of specific challenges or the wish to grow and overcome obstacles. Life abroad can pose unique challenges. It can also offer unique opportunities for rich personal change. Whichever the reasons, our work will aim to help you understand your needs and build psychological, and practical, skills and resources to help you reach the change you want. In over 20 years, I have been fortunate to witness many people, again and again, turn challenges into opportunities for growth and positive change.  


Couples Counselng


My work with couples, many of them bicultural, aims to help partners transform unhelpful dynamics and growth into more constructive, satisfying, and mutually-supportive ways of relating.  I use my own bicultural experience to help bring perspectives and to explore alternative cultural and experiential preferences. Some of the theories that inform my practice include Attachment and Developmental Psychology, Communication and Systems theory, and Cross-cultural communication.




I trained both in the US (Licensed Professional Counselor) and Argentina (Licensed Psychologist), with a strong orientation to Integrative Psychotherapy (IP), a well supported approach that combines tools and resources from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Developmental Psychology, Psychodynamic and Analytic Psychotherapy, Gestalt, Existential, and Humanistic approaches. As the evidence shows, and clinical experience confirms, concepts and methods are important, but a key element of successful therapy is the quality of the relationship between the therapist and the client. I therefore make it a priority to create conditions for a positive and thriving relationship. 




For the past 20+ years, I’ve been fortunate to work with inspiring colleagues and clients in hospital, research, and education settings: at NY-Presbyterian Hospital in NYC, the Research Foundation also in NY, the CCHE-Columbia University, and the Morrison Center in Portland, OR. Please see the Resume section for more information. 


Quality Care


Therapy works best when we feel safe, understood, and empowered. (Read more). Working with you is an honor and a privilege, and I hope to honor such privilege by offering you quality care. I am an ally to all diversity: cultural, ethnic, sexual, religious, and lifestyle. I am also committed to high standards of privacy and confidentiality so we can to talk about anything and everything that is important to you. See Ethics for more info.

I’m sure there is more to mention, but I hope this is enough for a start.

I look forward to connecting.







Alejandro Pawliszyn, Lic.

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