This Counseling Group offers a safe and supportive space to explore personal experiences in the context of life in Buenos Aires. The group combines safe conversations with focused explorations of topics and situations involving that affect us all as expats and humans.  

Topics include: loneliness, cultural adaptation, relationships abroad, self-esteem, personal growth, skills navigating change, Buenos-Aires-specific challenges, self-care, longing and relationships with people at home, shyness, etc. 

I facilitate the group and monitor for safety and focus, while helping participants appreciate each person’s uniqueness and personal communication style. 

Other groups I’ve run include: Parent Group (NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital), Sex Education Group (George Washington High School, NYC),  Teen Group (Morrison Child & Family Services, PDX, OR), Meditation Group (Overlook House, PDX, OR), and more recently, an Adult Male Group (Alberdi House, Buenos Aires).

This Counseling Group is supportive of all diversity: sexual, ethnic, religious, ideological, and life-style. Participants are expected to maintain confidentiality and privacy to within the group.

I meet and interview each person interested in participating, to clarify expectations, assess fit, answer questions, and confirm logistics. There is no cost for such meeting. Please check in with me for openings.

Meetings are weekly, on Thursdays from 7:30 to 9 pm, in my office in Palermo, Buenos Aires.

Groups can be an amazing opportunity for healing, for personal growth, and to experience transforming connections. I hope you are interested. I will be glad to tell you more about it and answer any questions.

Just call or email me.

I look forward to hearing from you,







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