Thank you for visiting. I will tell you a bit about counseling and therapy via online sessions. But before, in case you are landing directly here, let me introduce myself: my name is Alejandro Pawliszyn. I’m an argentine-american psychologist located in Buenos Aires. I help English speaking inviduals and couples through face-to-face sessions in my office in Palermo, CABA, and via online sessions.

Online therapy and counseling, also called Telebehavioral Health, offer a valuable way of accessing professional support when you are traveling or live in an area where English speaking providers are not easily accessible. As you have already imagined, online sessions are a valuable resource for expats and travelers who want to work with an English speaking provider in an area where there are none or they hard to reach. 

Common reasons for seeking online help include working consistently with a professional while traveling, receiving support when in a new place, processing expat and migration experiences, breaking isolation, navigating grief and longing. There are also all the clinical and counseling reasons for seeking counseling and therapy: psychological distress, mental health symptoms, relationship problems, personal struggles, and the desire to grow and improve our quality of life.

Effectiveness and Convenience

 The clinical effectiveness of online counseling & therapy is supported by research and clinical experience. In the US, professional mental health organizations, including the American Psychological Association and the American Counseling Association, recognize telebehavioral health as an established and reliable service delivery format with increasing popularity.  My experience is consistent with this positive trend since I started practicing online in 2012. Online sessions are not just for people living in remote areas. For local clients, the benefit may include: no commute, sessions can be more easily accommodated to a busy schedule, and there is no need to leave the immediate environment. About 3o% of my local, in-office clients combine face-to-face sessions with online ones as logistical option when traveling or when coming to the office is not possible.


There are limitations to online sessions, at least in the way I practice. First, safety is most important. I don’t see clients via online if there are risks to their safety, like suicidal thoughts or life threatening experiences, self-harm, violence to self or others, intense dysfunction, dangerous impulsivity, or any other form of behavior that can pose a risk to you or others. 

About the format

Online sessions share many similarities with face-to-face sessions. The main change is the environment: the theater of the setting. You sit where you are, and I sit where I am. We connect via a free and secure online page I will provide to you. Or by phone. Once we connect, our interactions are focused, intentional, and rich as when meeting in person. Sessions last the same as face-to-face ones, focus on what’s important to you and our goals for therapy/counseling, and you and I will be fully engaged.

I pay close attention to the helpfulness of our work, so I will always strive to secure the best conditions for counseling/therapy work, weather online or in person. For online sessions to work, clients have to be able to have a private space to meet, with no interferences or others listening. We meet for about 50 minutes. During this time, we both will be fully and exclusively focused on our conversation. Our priority is that whatever we do be truly helpful to you.

I hope this was good introductory information. I will be glad to answer any questions you may have, so please email or call me any time. 

I look forward to being of support.




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