Online Therapy throughout Argentina

Telehealth, also known as «Online Counseling», «Distance Therapy», «Telebehavioral Health», «e-therapy», refer to the practice of psychological therapy and counseling, via some form of technology, usually video, e.g. Zoom. I will use the term «Telehealth» to refer to all of the above.

I offer psychological assistance via Telehealth to treat distress and symptoms, as well as for support with adjustment, growth, and various forms of individual and relationship care. Under the right conditions, telehealth works and can offer a valuable opportunity to access care when English-speaking providers are not available. Conditions that can be treated via Telehealth include: depression, anxiety, trauma, difficulties sleeping, relationship problems, and conditions that affect functioning and wellbeing. Telehealth sessions can also be used for supporting adjustment, wellness, and personal growth.

About the format. Telehealth sessions contain much of the same ingredients as face-to-face sessions. We meet via video or phone, and engage in all the rich dynamics of a caring and focused therapy sessions. As a Telehealth provider, I am available, responsive, and engaged as when working face-to-face. I will be glad to talk with you and answer any questions you may have. Please ask. 

Effectiveness and Convenience. Telehealth counseling and therapy work. In the US, professional mental health organizations, including insurance panels, the American Psychological Association, and the American Counseling Association, consider Telehealth and online counseling and therapy as established and reliable service delivery formats with increasing popularity. My experience is consistent with this positive trend since I started working with clients remotely in 2012. Telehealth sessions are not just for people living in remote areas. For local clients, the benefit may include: no commute, sessions can be more easily accommodated to a busy schedule, and there is no need to leave the immediate environment. About 50% of my local, in-office clients combine face-to-face sessions with online ones as logistical option when traveling or when coming to the office is not possible.

Safety & Effectiveness. Safety is most important. I only work with clients who I believe I can help and can benefit from my work. I don’t recommend Telehealth counseling when there are safety risks, like suicidal thoughts or life threatening experiences, self-harm, violence to self or others, intense dysfunction, dangerous impulsivity, or any other form of behavior that can pose a risk to you or others. I pay close attention to the helpfulness of our work, so I will always strive to secure the best conditions for our work, whether online or in person. For Telehealth sessions to work, privacy and control over interferences is necessary. During our meeting, we both are fully and exclusively focused on our conversation. I will help you understand how you can engage in Telehealth sessions effectively. Let me know your questions any time.

I’m sure there is plenty more to say, but I hope this is enough for a start. Please let me know of any questions or thoughts. I’ll be glad to speak and be a resource.

I look forward to the opportunity.



[email protected]
011-4414-6364 (Buenos Aires)

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